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Few Taxpayers are cheered by the arrival of a letter by the IRS announcing that they, or more specifically their tax return, will be the subject of an examination. Usually this starts the panic, the calls to the accountant as to why they are being targeted, and who is going to handle the auditor. Sometimes it can be worse: real fear takes hold about whether the IRS will discover those expenses that were claimed there is no support for, or worse, that the taxpayers have been cheating on their taxes for years!

An IRS examination can be scary, but it can also be managed.

Have you received a letter or notice from a tax agency and don’t know what to do next? The response you need to provide might be simple, or it might be very complex. We can help you interpret what the IRS is asking for so you can respond to the letter appropriately and put this behind you. 

In this strategy session you'll get the lead accounting manager's undivided attention to develop actionable steps to address your highest-priority issues when it comes to tax preparation and tax planning for your business.  If you're someone who simply needs a  clear picture of your next step power moves to better prepare yourself for tax seasons, you're in the right place. 

Do You Owe the IRS Money That You Can’t Pay?


Non-Filers/ Collections

Payroll Taxes

It can happen by accident...

You may not have withheld enough from your paycheck in the past year and wind up with a whopper of a tax bill in April. It could be you came into some money, spent it, and didn’t realize that a big chunk of it was owed to the IRS in taxes. Either way, there is a solution to your problem. Below, we list the top tax issues that our clients have faced:


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"It is easy to use and my information is protected." 

"My siblings and I have worked with Master Tax Service since 2017 and we have been thoroughly pleased with their knowledge and professional acumen. I am also in the military and unable to meet with Dede or her team face to face so the secure client portal has been extremely helpful to me. It is easy to use and my information is protected. Additionally, no matter what state or country I live in they’ve been able to answer any and all questions or concerns I’ve had regarding my return in a prompt manner."

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"I trust Master Tax Service 100%..." 

"Master Tax Service has been doing my taxes for years now! DeDe is Truly professional and very knowledgeable. Any time I need advice or have any questions DeDe has the answers! I trust Master Tax Service 100% when it comes to my finances."

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"I use Master Tax Service every year!" 

"I use Master Tax Service every year! Not only are there tax services affordable, but the customer service is outstanding as well. Ms. Wells is extremely knowledgeable and always professional. Each year it is always a smooth and efficient process!" 

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